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Bluiris Technology sincerely invites you to the 24th NEPCON South China Electronic Industry Exhibition


NEPCON SOUTH CHINA (South China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition) is an important gathering of elites in the electronic manufacturing industry on an unprecedented scale. Famous brands from domestic and abroad gathered on the scene to show the future-oriented product innovation and technological revolution. Visitors can see, hear and touch on SMT, electronic manufacturing automation, welding and dispensing spray, test and measurement, and other indispensable solutions in electronic manufacturing as they walk through the exhibition hall and forum meeting room. NEPCON SOUTH CHINA (South China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition) is the key information for the industry insiders to master the industry dynamic information, insight into the industry trend, and grasp the industry direction. We sincerely look forward to your participation with colleagues and friends in the industry, face-to-face with the industry pioneer at the exhibition site, seize the opportunity, and discuss the future.


Exhibition time: August 28-30, 2018


Exhibition Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


Booth number: 1J05

Surface mount technology (SMT) is at the heart of electronics manufacturing and is a mature technology. However, the field never stops advancing and continues to provide new materials, new methods, and new tools for electronics manufacturing. At the same time, the design of electronic products is changing with each passing day, and the requirements of raw materials, technology, quality, and production cycle are also constantly improving. Based on the above reasons, surface assembly enterprises to production management; Technology; Raw materials, and other aspects have put forward higher requirements to adapt to the trend of market development. Since 2012, the "SMT China Step-by-Step New Technology Seminar" has been successfully held in many places, with a total number of participants exceeding 3,500. With the increasing influence of the seminar, many well-known enterprises have also participated in it.

As a long-term partner of the seminar, we are also invited to participate in this seminar. Bluiris Technology will be attended to and represented by Mr. Lei, the project manager responsible for the SMT First Article Inspection System. He will introduce to you the SMT First Article Inspector, SMT automatic receiving machine, and other intelligent equipment developed by Bluiris Technology, which will bring innovations to the factory.

Here we will briefly introduce the excellent performance of this product: the first article inspector FAI600 IV mainly scans the first PCB of the SMT patch to be detected, obtains the scanned picture of the physical PCB in the smart box, and imports the BOM list and PCB component patch coordinates. The software carries out intelligent synthesis and intelligent global coordinate calibration on PCB pictures, BOM, and coordinates, making the coordinates and BOM of components corresponding to the positions of physical components in pictures one by one. By navigating the measurement target, LCR reads the data automatically corresponding to the corresponding position and automatically determines the detection result. Eliminate false tests and miss tests, and automatically generate test reports stored in the database. After continuous upgrading and improvement of the software, the system can also be applied to patch missing parts and realize the function of the coordinate instrument to obtain the position coordinates of patch components in advance for the PCB that needs the patch. The product has the characteristics of automatic measurement and judgment, improves the detection speed, reduces the labor cost, strictly standardizes the process, has the traceability function, improves the product quality, and so on. It is a forward-looking product in line with the future development requirements of the SMT industry! The outstanding performance of Bluiris' SMT First Article Inspection System has gradually made it a bellwether and leader in the SMT First Article Inspection field.


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