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service system

service system

System integration scheme_ Professional services more assured

  • Other services

    1. Intimate renewal service and a variety of service packages to meet user needs;
    2. Sufficient inventory and quick response to customer demand;
    3. Fast response time of accessories;
    4. Well-known logistics partners, flexible and optional delivery methods;
    5.reliable original accessories, quality is more guaranteed.
  • The warranty time

    A year.
  • After-sales service

    1. Provide on-site professional guidance for customers to install and debug the equipment produced by us;
    2. Free training for technical engineering and operation personnel of users;
    3. Provide quick and effective product repair and maintenance to ensure the production quality is controlled;
    4. Provide active telephone response and on-site support during warranty period;
    5. Failure analysis and prevention to avoid repeated failure.
  • Pre-sales technical support

    1. Through extensive application research, improve the quality of users and achieve reduction of staff and increase efficiency;
    2. free to provide professional technical program publicity, technical questions, application system demonstration;
    3. Give customers a good experience through free trial, and ensure that users invest appropriately in the right products;
    4. Sincerely listen to user requirements and suggestions to optimize the layout of our products.
  • Service commitment

    1. Send personnel to the site within 24 hours after receiving the user's notice;
    2. Coordinated with relevant departments to make a correct judgment on the site situation, and made maintenance plans;
    3. Repair the product and restore it to operation within the shortest time;
    4. The maintenance personnel can only return after being accepted by relevant departments and appraised for their maintenance services.
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