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Congratulations to Bluiris for winning two awards again -- Vision Award and Readers' Selection Award


Periodical office SMT China announced the winning list of the 11th SMT China Vision award in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on the first day of NEPCON China. 


Shenzhen Bluiris Technology won the Vision Award and the Reader Award for its self-developed SMT First Article Inspection System. It is reported that the SMT China Vision Awards awarded a total of 26 Awards, including 13 products won the Vision Awards, 10 products won the VA Excellent Awards. In addition, the Chinese Achievement Award was presented to well-known domestic enterprises, Dongguan Anda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Pangu Information Technology Co., Ltd., whose products received the highest scores among all Chinese entries.


The SMT China Vision Award recognizes individuals and products that have made outstanding contributions to the surface assembly industry. The winning products are evaluated by experts in SMT area and the readers of SMT China magazine for their innovation, as well as their overall impact on the industry in terms of driving the downstream industry to reduce costs, improve product quality, increase production efficiency, improve reliability, operational safety, energy conservation, and environmental protection.


A randomly selected group of SMT China technical/management readers voted online for the three Vision Awards, which were based on the product 1) most innovative design and 2) most likely to contribute to the improvement of their product line. The top three products will receive SMT China Readers‘ Selection Award.


The online poll was completed and the winning products have been announced in the following list of winning products, as well as issued in the album of Vision Award in June/July SMT China.


The SMT China Vision Award is the only certified international selection event for the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry, with the participation and support of domestic and foreign suppliers serving the Chinese SMT market. The winning products are selected by technical experts in the field and senior technical managers of downstream electronics manufacturing plants in the electronics manufacturing industry of China. The award ceremony has been held in China for 14 years since 2007.

SMT First Article Inspection System is a project independently developed by Shenzhen Bluiris Technology Co., Ltd., which is widely used in the first article inspection of almost all electronic products such as consumer electronics, military industry, automotive electronics, etc.


As diverse types of machines, small batches, frequent wire change, and miniaturization of components have become the norm, the traditional and outdated operation mode of SMT first article inspection is apparently a mismatch to the environment, which seriously affects the production efficiency and product quality. Bluiris SMT First Article Inspection System achieve to manages automatic measurement data, automatic calculation automation functions such as the measurement, automatic screen printing contrast and realizes the paperless operation, for SMT first article inspection provides a new solution, solves the human/time wasted, pure manual operation, no traces in the supervision process, human error, and other issues, saving plenty of time and human power up to a half in the process of SMT  first article inspection, effectively improve the quality, automatic generation of a detailed inspection report. Bluiris SMT First Article Inspection System allows the first article inspection to be more standard and stricter, which improves production efficiency and strengthens the traceability of the detection process.


Bluiris technology launched many new products through unremitting efforts, each generation has breakthrough products - from the software algorithm to provide a more humanized function to make the operation of the system more easily and make the operator feel more comfortable with the new design of the human body engineering, from the image processing technology provides automatic screen printing contrast have solved the problem of visual fatigue, Cooperate with foreign manufacturers to shorten the time of image acquisition and greatly improve the clarity under the premise of no significant increase in cost, to provide more practical and cost-effective products for domestic SMT factories.


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